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Category International Journal
Paper Title Interfacial Triggering of Conductive Filament Growth in Organic Flexible Memristor for High Reliability and Uniformity
Journal name ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Author Sin-Hyung Lee, Hea-Lim Park, Min-Hoi Kim, Sujie Kang, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Vol 11
page 30108 Year/date 2019/07/31
Abstract We demonstrate the physical pictures of the localization of the conductive filaments (CFs) growth in flexible electrochemical metallization (ECM) memristors through an interfacial triggering (IT) into the polymer electrolyte. The IT sites (ITSs), capable of controlling the pathways of the CF growth, are formed at the electrode–polymer interfaces via the Ostwald ripening at low temperatures (below 230 °C). The injection and migration of metal ions and the resultant CF growth are found to be effectively controlled through the ITSs with the local electric field enhancement. The reliability, uniformity, and switching voltage of the device are much improved by the presence of the ITSs. Our flexible ECM memristor exhibits a high mechanical flexibility and a stable memory performance under repeated bending deformations.

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