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Category International Journal
Paper Title Concept of chiral image storage and selection based on liquid crystals by circular polarization
Journal name Optics Express
Author Sang Hyun Lee, Sin-Hyung Lee, Se-Um Kim, Sujie Kang, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 27
page 11661 Year/date 2019/04/15
Abstract We demonstrate a liquid crystal (LC)-based optical device with the polarization switching capability, which can store two different chiral images to be selected according to the polarization state of the viewing polarizer. The chiral dual-image device consists of chiral surface patterns for image storage and the LC layer as a tunable phase retarder. Each chiral surface pattern behaves as a helical photonic crystal that reflects circularly polarized light at a specific wavelength. Depending on the applied voltage across the LC layer, either a right-handed or a left-handed circular polarization image appears, and thus one of the two stored images can be selectively read by the polarization state. Our concept of the LC-based chiral image storage and selection provides simplicity in fabrication, flexibility in design, and high optical efficiency. It will be directly applicable for reflective-type 3D displays, color filters, and anti-counterfeiting devices.

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