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Category International Journal
Paper Title Design and fabrication of liquid crystal-based lenses
Journal name Liquid Crystals
Author Se-Um Kim, Jun-Hee Na, Chiwoo Kim, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Yes Vol 44
page 2121 Year/date 2017/11/17
Abstract Liquid crystal (LC)-based lenses are promising for a wide range of applications from optical communications and signal processing to three-dimensional displays. Among a variety of the LC-based lenses, several classes including the Fresnel type and the lenticular type are comprehensively reviewed from the standpoints of the basic concepts and the device architectures. The underlying mechanisms for the focusing effect and the tuning capability inherent to the lens configuration are described. Recent progress on the LC-based lenses for reconfigurable optical processing and autostereoscopic displays is also presented. The lens architecture combined with the intrinsic anisotropy of the LC provides a versatile platform to build up high-performance LC-based lenses with the tuning capability.

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