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Paper Title Concept of active parallax barrier on polarizing interlayer for near-viewing autostereoscopic displays
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Author Se-Um Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Jeng-Hun Suh, Jun-Hee Na, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Yes Vol 24
page 25010 Year/date 2016/10/18
Abstract We proposed a concept of an active parallax barrier using a liquid crystal-on-polarizing interlayer (LPI) for near-viewing autostereoscopic displays. In contrast to a conventional two-panel configuration where two independent panels are stacked together for displaying and parallaxing purposes, a monolithic one-panel architecture was demonstrated with the help of the LPI. The LPI was constructed using a polarizer sheet, one side of which provided the support for the active parallax barrier and the other served as the substrate for the image panel. For the active parallax barrier, an array of periodically patterned indium-tin-oxide electrodes was first prepared on the LPI and bi-level structures were subsequently fabricated for the cell gap and the liquid crystal alignment. Our monolithic one-panel architecture allows the near-viewing distance property which is essential for mobile applications.

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