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Category International Journal
Paper Title Reduction of gamma distortions in liquid crystal display by anisotropic voltage-dividing layer of reactive mesogens
Journal name Liquid Crystals
Author Se-Um Kim, Bo-Yeon Lee, Jeng-Hun Suh, Jiyoon Kim, Jun-Hee Na, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Yes Vol 44
page 364 Year/date 2017/04/10
Abstract We demonstrate a new concept of reducing the off-axis gamma distortions in a liquid crystal display by the formation of an anisotropic voltage-dividing layer (AVDL) on the alignment layer. The AVDL was prepared using reactive mesogens (RMs) by simple spin-coating, followed by the photo-polymerisation under the exposure of ultraviolet light (UV) through a photomask and the removal of residual RMs. The UV exposure time for the photo-polymerisation was found to be critical for the uniform alignment of the liquid crystal molecules on the AVDL. Owing to the capacitance difference between the sub-domains produced by the AVDL, the threshold voltage shift was naturally appeared in sub-domain by domain so that the reduction of the gamma distortions in the off-axis was achieved in a simple way.

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