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Category International Presentation
Paper Title Capacitive Pressure Sensor Based on Porous Hydrophobic Elastomer for Flexible Electronic Applications
Conference name EMRS 2014
Author Bo-Yeon Lee, Jiyoon Kim, Se-Um Kim, Sin-Doo Lee
Paper code Place
page Year/date 2014/05/27
Abstract Recently, flexible capacitive pressure sensors have attracted much interest for their potential in a broad range of applications from fingerprint sensors to artificial skins owing to high accuracy, durability, and stability under harsh environment of high temperature or humidity. The performance of capacitive pressure sensors has been substantially improved through the elaborate nanostructure design, for example, nano-pyramids and nano-needles on the surface of a dielectric layer. However, the fabrication processes of such sensors having nanostructures are quite complicated and expensive. Therefore, a simple and low-cost technology of producing the high-performance sensors in the sensitivity and the measuring range should be searched for future flexible devices.
In this work, we developed a capacitive pressure sensor based on a porous dielectric layer of a hydrophobic elastomer, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The PDMS elastomer with micro-porous structures expels hydrophilic liquids such as water and allows the permeation of vapor out of the surface layer. Such unique features play a crucial role in improving the sensitivity as well as extending the detecting range of pressure in a touch sensor. Our new concept of using a hydrophobic elastomer with micro-pores will be useful for advanced applications of flexible pressure sensors.

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