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Category International Journal
Paper Title Submicro-pillars and holes from the depth-wise Talbot images of a conical phase mask
Journal name Optics Express
Author In-Ho Lee, Seung Chul Park, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 23
page 25866 Year/date 2015/09/23
Keyword Dffraction, Talbot and self-imaging effects, Photolithography, Nanostructure fabrication
Abstract We construct two-dimensional arrays of submicro-pillars and holes from the depth-wise Talbot images of a conical phase mask in a photoactive layer prepared on a quartz substrate. In contrast to the conventional Talbot lithography employing only one image in the photoactive layer, two images of the phase mask are produced in a depthwise manner such that the pillar patterns are in the primary image plane while the hole patterns in the secondary image plane according to the penetration depth of the exposure energy. The conical symmetry plays a critical role in producing the covariant patterns of the phase mask in the photoactive layer through the suppression of higher orders of diffraction. Our two image-type approach is simple and versatile for producing different kinds of periodic structures for photonic applications and surface engineering on a micrometer-to-nanometer scale.

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