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Paper Title Lenticular lens array based on liquid crystal with a polarization-dependent focusing effect for 2D-3D image applications
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Jiyoon Kim, Se-Um Kim, Bo-Yeon Lee, Jeng-Hun Suh, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 16
page 11 Year/date 2015/02/16
Acknowledgements This work was supported by Brain Korea 21 Plus Project in 2014.
Keyword liquid crystal, lenticular lens, autostereoscopic 2D/3D convertible display
Abstract Demonstrated herein is a liquid-crystal-(LC)-based lenticular lens array with a polarization-dependent focusing effect, fabricated
through a simple imprinting process. The input polarization dependence of the proposed LC lenticular lens array arises
mainly from the index matching scheme between the polymer lenticular lens and the LC on it. For the input polarization
perpendicular to the LC director, the focal length of the lenticular lens is about 3.1 mm. The focusing and non-focusing properties
depending on the input polarization are useful for realizing autostereoscopic 2D/3D convertible displays combined
with polarization selection elements.

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