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Category International Presentation
Paper Title All-optically switchable grating based on dye-doped ferroelectric liquid crystal in photo-polymerized structure
Conference name International Liquid Crystal Conference 2014
Author Jiyoon Kim, Jeng-Hun Suh, Se-Um Kim, Sin-Doo Lee
Paper code Place
page Year/date 2014/07/03
Acknowledgements This work was supported by Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
Abstract Liquid crystal (LC) diffraction gratings have been extensively studied for use in optical data storage, optical communications, and 3-dimensional displays owing to the large electro-optic effect together with the electrical tunability of the LC at relatively low voltages. Among them, optically switchable LC gratings whose diffraction properties depend on the wavelength of the input light have been paid much attention for more sophisticated photonic applications, for example, optical routing and reversible data storage. For most of the LC grating devices, azo-dye doped nematic LCs[1,2] have been commonly used since the nematic phase allows for the stable LC alignment and simple fabrication of the grating structure. In contrast, dye-doped ferroelectric LCs (FLCs) have potential for faster response and more dynamic photochemical phase change but they suffer intrinsically from the uniform and stable alignment in the periodic grating structures. As a consequence, the optically switchable FLC grating has not been fully investigated so far. In this work, we construct an all-optically switchable FLC grating in a photo-polymerized binary structure. In forming the binary structures with different optical properties between two adjacent domains, an azo-dye doped FLC was infiltrated into the periodic polymer structures constructed using reactive mesogens. Our FLC grating device is capable of all-optical switching, which is much more dynamic than the nematic LC-based cases, and thus will be useful for devising a new class of all-optically switching systems in the visible range.

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