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Category International Proceeding
Paper Title Emerging areas for liquid crystal technologies beyond displays
Conference name SID Display Week 2014
Author Jiyoon Kim, Se-Um Kim, Eui-Sang Yu, Sin-Doo Lee
Paper code 39.1 Place
page 551 Year/date 2014/07/07
Acknowledgements This work was supported by Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
Keyword liquid crystal monomer, self-assembled, colloidal microwires, artificial iris
Abstract Liquid crystal monomers (LCMs) capable of polymerization open new areas for nano- and bio-applications beyond displays. The intrinsic anisotropies of thermal, optical, and electrical properties of such LCMs allow for a wide range of self-assembled mesoscopic structures within amorphous matrices or on solid substrates. Based on diverse structures of the LCMs, we demonstrate two representative devices, colloidal microwires and an artificial iris for a human eye.

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