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Category International Proceeding
Paper Title Wide-viewing Vertically-aligned Liquid Crystal Displays with Surface Microstructure Formation using Colloidal Particles
Conference name IMID
Author Seung Chul Park, Jun-Hee Na, Sin-Doo Lee
Paper code Place
page Year/date 2011/06/23
Acknowledgements This work was supported in part by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
Abstract We report on a simple and powerful method for fabricating surface microstructures for wide-viewing verticalyl-aligned liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on a basis of the colloidal particle. The surface microstructures are spontaneously formed on the substrate by simple particle dispersion and heating process, and they can change the morphology of substrate. This surface morphology of colloidal particles can generate the reorientation of LC. Therefore, our LC cell having the surface microstructures shows good wide-viewing and electro-optic properties

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