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Category International Proceeding
Paper Title Brightness Enhancement of Organic Light Emitting Diode Using Optically Isotropic Surface Microstructures
Conference name IMID
Author Wonsuk Choi, Sin-Doo Lee
Paper code Place Seoul, Korea
page Year/date 2010/10/11
Acknowledgements This work was supported in part by Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.
Keyword organic light emitting diode, optically isotropic surface microstructure, imprinting, brightness
Abstract A new method of enhancing brightness of organic lightemitting diodes (OLEDs) using optically isotropicsurface microstructures is presented. The surfacemicrostructures are found to effectively improve theoptical extraction of emission light and to increase thecurrent flow in OLED devices. Moreover, suchbrightness enhancement through the optically isotropicmicrostructures is independent of both the viewingdirection and the wavelength of emission light. Ourconcept of using optically isotropic surfacemicrostructures would be used for improving theperformances of various multilayered optoelectronicdevices.

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