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Paper Title Stamping-assisted Fabrication Technique of the Bidirectional Alignment Layer for Wide-Viewing Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Kyungmo Koo, Jun-Hee Na, Yeun-Tae Kim, Hongmei Li, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 10
page 180 Year/date 2009/12/31
Acknowledgements Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd
Keyword Stamping-assisted Rubbing, Liquid crystal, Fluorinated acrylated polymer, Wide-viewing
Abstract A stamping-assisted rubbing technique for generating bidirectional alignment in the fabrication of wide-viewing twistednematic
(TN) liquid crystal displays (LCDs) was developed. A patterned layer of a fluorinated acrylate polymer was transferred
onto the first rubbed alignment layer prepared on a substrate by stamping. The fluorinated acrylate polymer provides a protective
layer that covers the first alignment layer during the second rubbing process to facilitate the bidirectional alignment of the LC
molecules. The LC cell in the twisted geometry with two bidirectional-alignment layers showed stable electro-optic properties
and wide-viewing characteristics. The stamping-assisted rubbing technique serves as a mask-free alignment method of producing
multidomains for wide-viewing LCDs.

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