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Category Domestic Journal
Paper Title Etchingless Fabrication of Bi-level Microstructures for Liquid Crystal Displays on Plastic Substrates
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Jong-Ho Hong, Seong-Min Cho, Yeun-Tae Kim, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 9
page 6 Year/date 2008/12/01
Keyword liquid crystal, photopolymer, selective wettability, wide viewing angle
Abstract In this study, the selective-wettability-inscription (SWI) technique for the wet-etchingless fabrication of surface microstructures applicable to wide-viewing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on plastic substrates was demonstrated. On the basis of the selective wetting of the photopolymer, the bi-level microstructures were spontaneously formed to serve as spacers for maintaining uniform cell gap and protrusions for the generation of multi-domains. The LC cell that has bi-level microstructures shows good extinction in the field-off state and a wide-viewing property in the field-on state. The SWI technique would be useful for the fabrication of flexible displays on plastic substrates.

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