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Paper Title A Highly Efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diode with an Imprinted In-Cell Polarizer for Backlight Applications
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Wonsuk Lee, Wonsuk Choi, Yong-Woon Lim, Yu-Jin Na, Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 9
page 11 Year/date 2008/12/01
Keyword oranic light-emitting diode, in-cell polarizer , imprinted technique
Abstract A highly efficient organic light-emitting diode (OLED) with an in-cell polarizer made of an imprinted liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) layer doped with dichroic dye molecules is presented. The in-cell polarizer was found to be capable of effectively polarizing the emission light of the OLED and of significantly improving the luminance through the periodic micro-structures fabricated using an imprinting method. This type of OLED with an imprinted in-cell polarizer is useful for efficient light source applications in liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

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