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Category Domestic Journal
Paper Title Multimode configuration doped with a chiral agent for transflective liquid crystal display with a single cell gap
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Chang-Jae Yu , Jinyool Kim
SCI Y Vol 5
page 8 Year/date 2004/09/01
Keyword transflective LCD, multimode, photoalignment, chiral dopant
Abstract We demonstrate a transflective liquid crystal display (LCD), doped with a chiral agent to produce a low helical twisting power, in a multimode configuration consisting of the homogeneous alignment and the hybrid alignment. The multimode transflective LCD with a single cell gap was fabricated using a single-step photoalignment technique with a self-masking process of an array of metal reflectors in the reflective region. In our configuration, the electro-optical disparity between the transmissive region and the reflective region was found to be significantly reduced by the low helical twisting power of the chiral dopant.

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