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Paper Title A new transflective geometry of low twisted nematic liquid crystal display having a single cell gap
Journal name Journal of Information Display
Author Jinyool Kim , Dong-Woo Kim , Chang-Jae Yu , Sin-Doo Lee
SCI Y Vol 5
page 14 Year/date 2004/09/01
Keyword transflective liquid crystal display, liquid crystal, low twisted nematic, fast response
Abstract We have developed a new type of transflective liquid crystal display (LCD) with a single cell gap and a single LC mode. In our transflective configuration, a single LC mode of a 60° twisted nematic LC was used for both transmissive and reflective applications. The measured electro-optic characteristics of our transflective LC cell agree well with numerical simulation results. Moreover, the transmittance was found to show similar behavior to the reflectance.

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