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MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication)
KORDIC (KOrea Research and Development Information Center)
ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
KRIC (Korea Research of Information Center)
KINITI (Korea INstitute of Industry and Technology Information)
KIPRIS (Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Center)
KOSEF (KOrea Science and Engineering Foundation)
KRF (Korea Research Foundation)
KISTEP (Korea Institute of Science Technology Evaluation and Planning)
ITEP (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning)
IITA (Institute of Information Technology Assessment)
KDI (Korea Development Institute)
ETLARS (Electronics & Telecommunications Literature Analysis and Retrieval System)
LG Sangnam Library
Nationa Science Foundation (USA)
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (JAPAN)
Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JAPAN)
National Physical Laboratory (UNITED KINGDOM)
IBM Intellectual Property Network
Materials Science Foundations
Korea physical society
American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics
American Chemical Society
American Vaccum Society
Materials Research Society MRS NEWS
Japanese Liquid Crystal Society
Electrochemical Society
World technology evaluation center
Japanese technology evaluation center
KMAC'S (Korea Materials & Analysis Corporation)
Elsevier Science Tables of Contents service
CTC (Center for Technology Commercialization)
The International Society for Optical Engineering
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